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Being a canine parent can be confounding and costly, so we made this rundown to help other canine guardians discover items tried and adored by Willo. I truly set aside the effort to contemplate the items I use routinely, and the food and treats Willo really likes, and I aggregated them into this extensive rundown. All that you find here is sensibly estimated and can be found on Amazon (yahoo 2-day delivering!)

Snap on the photos for the item interfaces!

Canine TOYS AND TREAT Riddles

From scented fun balls to puzzles that help thinking and critical thinking, these are they toys Willo plays with consistently.

The Kong fox and Outward Dog hedgehog are noisy toys that last. All of the Kong noisy toys I’ve purchased are as yet in my home with the squeakers flawless. Gotta love a canine toy that doesn’t get annihilated in the initial 5 minutes. The hedgehog has some good times noisy sound that Willo loves. You can never have an excessive number of hedgy toys… and they’re just $5!

Playology fun balls are consistently fun since they smell yummy! They come in numerous various aromas, similar to chicken, hamburger, and peanut butter, and keep canines connected longer! Besides they squeak.

Kongs are amazing to stuff peanut butter and treats into as a compensating nibble or as an interruption when you leave. I likewise use them when I need to brush Willo or do her nails since it keeps her diverted for quite a while.

Treat Riddles

I let Willo play with treat astounds the most by a long shot! They keep her occupied and drew in and I love seeing her learn and sort out new things. They turn out extraordinary for her partition nervousness also. I just put several riddles around the house and slip away while she’s on the chase after treats. These ones are my top choice:

3 level rainbow tower

Bone cabinet treat puzzle

Block canine riddle

Twister canine riddle

Purple and green labyrinth treat distributor

Enormous find the stowaway squirrel toy

Little find the stowaway squirrel toy

Snuffle mat

Canine AND Pup FOOD AND Enhancements

There are a huge load of alternatives with regards to canine food and enhancements. These ones are my top pick, and Willo has been getting them for some time now. In no way like a decent kibble to make Willo yell!


For probiotics, I love Fera Pet Organics! Gut wellbeing is so significant, so I try to never miss a day with this powder. I simply sprinkle it on my canine’s food and she cherishes it! It’s particularly incredible for canines with touchy stomaches.

Different enhancements I give Willo consistently are from Kin+Kind. They are natural and are not fine by any means, which I love. I used to sprinkle a wide range of powders on her food which couldn’t have tasted great. Presently she gets these yummy, normal added substances:


Hip and joint wellbeing – so significant for corgis!

Crude coconut oil for a solid coat and skin

Berry Boot for nutrient C and UT support

Pumpkin fiber

Willo’s primary course comes from Open Ranch. I love them since they have an incredible assortment and they are produced using morally sourced fixings. You can go on their site and see precisely where their meats are coming from. They have everything from kibble (without grain) (antiquated grains) to stocks, and stews to freeze-dried crude plans.


We have attempted a Huge load of canine treats. We get sent a great deal and Willo is a willing taste analyzer, however these ones are our time tested top choices. I track down it’s ideal to adhere to the not many that we love generally, and Willo incidentally gets something luxurious.

Everything from Milk Bones, to low calorie preparing treats, and single fixing treats to durable bites. Know what’s in the treats you’re giving your puppy!

Pup ORAL Cleanliness

I get a ton of praises on Willo’s teeth! They are still exceptionally new, on the grounds that she’s just a year old, however I attempt to be pretty much as proactive as conceivable to hold them back from causing her any issues not too far off.

The Bristly Stick is incredible in light of the fact that it basically permits your canine to clean their teeth themselves. Willo LOVES biting on it, so it additionally combos as an incredible treat. It brushes all the gunk on her teeth toward the rear of her mouth, and has a port where you can fill it with toothpaste.

PlaqueOff Powder is an enhancement you can add into your little guy’s food and it essentially fends off awful breath, plaque, and tartar.

You likewise can’t turn out badly with some toothpaste, a toothbrush, and greenies!

Canine TRAVEL Basics

Regardless of whether you’re going via vehicle or via plane, your pet necessities something to keep them occupied, and to keep them agreeable.

Aircraft endorsed transporter (s)

A vehicle seat cover

a movement water bottle

a bridle

CBD oil to quiet them down

Menace sticks to keep them occupied

Look at my blog entry All that You Need to Know When Flying with an ESA for additional tips for flying with your canine.


Getting a pup is presumably the most overpowering (and energizing) thing on this rundown. Yet, relax, it’s truly not excessively awful. The following are the fundamental things you’ll require for your little guy:

A comfortable bed with sides so they can twist up and feel console

Pup food! (what’s more, bowls for food and water)

Oder remover/cleaner for mishaps

A carton

A little grass cushion for potty preparing

A pen to keep you little guy in a bound region

Pee cushions

Crap packs

Most loved Spots TO Purchase Canine Handkerchiefs

I additionally needed to include a rundown of my #1 spots to get Willo’s handkerchiefs and other canine embellishments. These shops are awesome:

Humdinger and Lea

Imperial Assortments and Co

Loges and Lily

Release the Dogs

Pawcific North Plans

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