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Air Shipping

We have a lot of first rate dispatches who are accomplices with us. We utilize their administrations when it necessitates that the little dog be shipped to the purchaser’s area. The little dogs are dispatched in a carrier affirmed container with food and water. They will show up with their enlistment, shot record, wellbeing ensure and an enormous little dog pack taped onto their transporter.

The entirety of our aircrafts transport utilizing same-day delivering that is sheltered and secure for the little dogs. They offer need delivering. On the off chance that the doggies do go in the payload territory, notwithstanding, it is pressurized and at a similar temperature and has a similar air sifted in as the travelers relax. Having delivered pups for more than 10 years, we have never had a negative occurrence.

At the point when sent need, your doggy doesn’t have as much “lounging around” time while hanging tight for preparing. They are

destined to be taken promptly off the plane with no long holding periods previously, during or after the flight. They are hand conveyed to each counter. We don’t quiet the pups before movement as it isn’t recommended by our veterinarian.

Most families report that the pup was made accessible to them between 15 to a short ways from the time the plane showed up.

At the point when your pup shows up, he/she might be gotten in the load pickup region or behind the counter of the ticket work area. The carriers requires some type of ID before they will deliver the pup to the new proprietor. After you get your doggy and have get back, we would ask that you call us to tell us how the pup is getting along.

Included with shipment of every doggy is its ensured wellbeing authentication, inoculation and worming record, enlistment, pup food, bite toy, 1 year Health Guarantee, and Pet transporter with food and water dish. (Pet Carrier is possibly included when dispatching via air)

Ground Shipping

Ground delivering is extremely protected and quick! With your postal division, we can disclose to you how close the drivers can get to you.

Ground transporting process:

The drivers leave once in at regular intervals.

There are in any event 2 drivers for each course (pivoting shifts) all through the entire excursion, Making a stop just when important (get gas, food or convey)

They will meet you along the interstates at a shopping center, corner store, etc(well lit region). Even better, you can haggle with us to make them bring it over to your location or home.

The drivers call you a few hours before the outing, to turn out the entirety of the conveyance subtleties.

Your little dog will have boundless food and water, a spot to rest and a spot to potty all through the entire outing

Ground delivering is extremely sheltered and we recommend utilizing ground dispatching for scorn nose breeds particularly throughout the mid year months.

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