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Nowadays, I’ve taken to prepping my corgi myself, and it’s not very troublesome. Realizing how to prep your canine is an incredible expertise to have. It sets aside me cash, and saves Willo from the pressure of visiting the custodian! Most certainly read this blog entry Assuming you need to know how we do at home prepping and the items we use. We likewise talk about managing your canine’s nails yourself and how to assist them with becoming acclimated to it.

Try not to get a kick out of the chance to peruse? Watch our prepping video blog all things being equal!

Here are the prepping instruments I use, and how I use them:



I love this cleanser since it sucks out all the soil and poisons from Willo’s jacket while lighting up and brightening it, and it makes her smell like a spa. I give her a pleasant profound clean with this cleanser.


2. Family + KIND Saturating CONDITIONER

This conditioner is extraordinary on the grounds that it assists your little guys with keeping up with their skin’s regular oils that hold their skin back from drying out.

3. Without water Cleanser

Kin+Kind’s Lavender waterless cleanser is incredible for when your little guy needs a speedy shower. I love going on it on outings with us so I can keep Willo clean regardless of where we are.

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4. Leave in conditioner

I like to shower a leave in conditioner on Willo’s jacket prior to brushing her. I get it on amazon and can be found here.


Coconut oil for canines is something extraordinary to add into your puppy’s food to keep their jacket delicate and glossy.


This contraption appears as though it could skin a fish, however I swear it’s the best apparatus in my armory for brushing out Willo’s hide. It ought to be utilized in by beginning from the highest point of your canines head and dropping right down in little strokes.



The slicker brush is ideally suited for canines with a twofold coat since it gets every one of the dead and free hairs under the top coat. Utilize this brush in the wake of utilizing the de-shedding edge, and brush your canine in long strokes from head to goods.

8. Diminishing SHEARS

I use diminishing shears to manage Willo’s goods and underside hairs. They might appear as though they’re not cutting anything right away, however that is something worth being thankful for. Attempting to manage your canine’s hair with some other sort of scissors can prompt a debacle.


For corgi proprietors: In case you’re endeavoring to manage your canine’s goods, start by doing a smidgen at a time. You’re presumably not going to accomplish that ideal round momo like you’d get at the custodians, however it is an extraordinary method to keep up with that length and hold their hair back from getting excessively long.

Instructions to Manage YOUR DOG’S NAILS


9. DREMEL 7700

Managing your canine’s nails is so significant! At the point when your canine’s nails are long and squeezing into the ground when they walk, it very well may be excruciating and unsafe to their general wellbeing. Dremel’s are an extraordinary method to manage your puppy’s nails, yet they do take some becoming accustomed to.

I began doing Willo’s nails when she two or three weeks old, and it took some time. She actually abhors it, however she at last endures it with out giving her a piece of cheddar in each nail.

In case you’re new to nail managing, start yet giving your little guy a high worth treat after tapping the dremel to their nail. After while you’ll have the option to work your away up to a full nail, paw and afterward each of the four paws at a time.

I lay Willo on her back between my legs while doing her nails and I think it give me the best control and admittance to her paws.


TIP: Rather than dremeling straight on, I do the right half of the nail, the left side, and afterward center to give Willo’s nails an adjusted look.


I utilize a hair trimmer made for canine paws to tidy up the hair around her paws. This guarantees she can get sufficient foothold on the floor and will not slip around on our hardwoods.

11. Family + KIND NOSE AND PAW Salve

After I trim Willo’s nails I like to add a layer of paw analgesic just to keep her paw cushions smooth. It’s particularly extraordinary for cold and sweltering climate days when their paws get destroyed.



12. BURTS Honey bees WIPES

I generally prefer to have a few wipes available to clean Willo’s paws with.

Most ideal Approaches TO KEEP YOUR DOG’S TEETH CLEAN


I purchased this toothbrush set on amazon. At the point when Willo was a little dog, her vet advised me to clean her teeth consistently to help her to be patient when a human in examining her mouth. Presently I attempt to do it as frequently as possible, despite the fact that I might get to it each two or three weeks.


I like the finger toothbrush since they are more delicate on Willo’s gums.


Willo love the flavor of the toothpaste, and it’s the justification for why she allows me to clean her teeth. I get this toothpaste on Amazon.


Bristly goes about as treat for Willo and it is an extraordinary way for Willo to keep her teeth clean between cleans.

Furthermore, that is it! It may appear to be overpowering from the start, however its likewise really remunerating having the option to keep your little guy clean yourself.


On the off chance that I missed any parts of preparing that you have inquiries concerning, if it’s not too much trouble, ask in the remarks and I will answer!!

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